X Mediterranean Multidisciplinary Pain Forum

X Mediterranean Multidisciplinary Pain Forum


Pain Meeting collaborates with this initiative “Proyectos Sine Dolore”

Dear Colleague:

No doubt that the earliest symptom of humanity is PAIN. If in its acute form it has a protector profile, in its chronic form it turns into a disease itself: chronic pain.

Pain has two great allies: one is that we cannot see it and the other one is that we cannot measure it. This is why up to 20% of the population suffers from pain. These patients suffer in silence and pay their tribute with a very significant loss of their quality of life.

To fight against this invisible evil, a social movement was born in Menorca 6 years ago: The Association Against Pain SINE DOLORE. The association is presently constituted nationally and federated with other European associations against pain. The motto of SINE DOLORE is “Treat the pain, relieve the suffering and improve quality of life”.

Here comes the X Multidisciplinary Mediterranean Forum Against Pain as a tool for physicians with a special interest in treating pain, regardless of their specialty, to update their knowledge in the treatment of pain every year. So, once there, SINE DOLORE permeates with the spirit and encourages them to ride with their patients. The association helps to raise awareness throughout society of this invisible epidemic, this 20% of the population who lives among us but whom we do not see.

Add to all this the attraction of the island of Menorca, this jewel recognized as a biosphere reserve, located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, the possibility for the Forum to become a success are increased. Also if the speakers are important doctors in pain management, success is ensured, as we have shown in the four previous editions of the congress.

For all of us in this great family against the pain, it would be a honor if you became a part of our family attending this X MULTIDISCIPLINARY MEDITERRANEAN PAIN FORUM. Many colleagues return every year to this meeting thus fulfilling the adage that “no one comes to Menorca once”.

See you in Menorca!

Best regards,

Jordi Moyà Riera

Director of: