• Digital Posters.

Standards for submission of poster type communications in digital format

The abstract of the poster must be sent to the editorial committee at the following address posterpainmeeting@sinedolorefoundation.org . Once accepted by the committee, the digital version of the poster must be sent in pdf format, which will be defended on the digital screen in the poster room at the time that the jury will communicate.

Abstracts should be written in Word in Times New Roman font size 12 with a maximum length of A4 sheet, with single spacing, including tables or diagrams.

Accepted Abstracts will be published in the book “What’s new in Multidisciplinary pain management”


In addition, the posters will participate in the awards:

· Award for the best research work “Father Vicente Macián”.

· Award for the best pain innovation work Dr.Luis Aliaga.


The deadline to send the abstracts is April 28, 2017, those received after this date may be exposed, but may not participate in the awards and will not be published in the book What’s new in Multidisciplinary Pain Management.


When submitting the abstract, the title of the poster communication and the complete names of the authors should be sent in an attached document, in order to be able to perform the certificates of the same without spelling mistakes.

At least one of the signatories of each Communication must be registered in the Congress.


The certificates of the same will be sent to you once the Forum has finished, by mail.

Editorial Committee


• Dr. Jordi Guitart Vela

Vice President:

• Dr. Jordi Folch Ibáñez


• Dr. José Fuentes Bellido

Vice Secretary:


• Dr. Xavier Vila Justrivó