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Roundtable: Opioid-Induced Constipation: How Much It Affects Our Patients and What’s New to Overcome It

Chairman of the Bureau:

Dr. Josep Fuentes Bellido. Head of the Anesthesia and Pain Clinic. Pius Hospital of Valls, Tarragona


Dr. Miguel Minguez. Head of Section, Digestive Medicine Service, Hospital Clínic Universitari de Valencia

Dr. Joan Santamaría. Medical coordinator of the Palliative Medicine Unit of the western sector. General Hospital

Dr. Josep Fuentes Bellido. Head of the Anesthesia and Pain Clinic service. Pius Hospital of Valls, Tarragona


Round Table: Legal Aspects of Opiate Management

Chair; Dr. Luis Miguel Torres Morera .Prof of Anesthesia of the University of Cadiz. Head of Service of Anesthesia and Pain of H. U. Puerta del Mar. Cádiz Secretary; Dr. Ignacio Velazquez Rivera. Responsible for the Pain Unit of Guadix High Resolution Hospital. Vice-president of the Andalusian Association of Pain.


– “Safe prescription of opioids”. Legal requirements in its use. Dr. Josep López Garrido. Pain Unit Coordinator. General University Hospital of Granollers. lawyer


 – Informed consent and responsibility for the prescription of opiates. ” D.Ricardo Ruiz de la Serna. Lawyer. Professor of Law at the Universidad CEU-San Pablo. Madrid.


Round table: The combination of Paracetamol / Tramadol for the treatment of pain. Do we know everything?

Moderator: Dr. Carlos Tornero Tornero. Pain Unit. University Hospital of Valencia

  • Management of the P & T combination: when, how and to whom. Dr. Jenaro Mañero Rey. Pain Unit. Parc Taulí Hospital. Sabadell (Barcelona).
  • When a single opioid is not enough. Dr. Carlos Tornero Tornero
  • The importance of personalizing treatment in patients with chronic pain. Jose Manuel Trinidad. Unit pain. Hospital Puerta del Mar. Cádiz.


Round table: Controversies in the management of Irruptive Pain Oncologic with Sublingual Fentanyl

  • 12: 00h- Introduction Moderator: Dr. Jordi Guitart Vela
  • 12: 05h – Multidisciplinary management in the patient with bone pain secondary to bone metastases. Speaker: Dr. María Candelas de Madariaga Muñoz (Pain Unit, Univ. Infanta Sofía, Madrid)
  • 12: 20h – New perspectives in the approach of a difficult pain: Pancoast Syndrome. Speaker: Dr. Manuel José Mejías Estévez (Palliative Care, H. de Jerez, Cádiz)
  • 12: 35h – Improving adherence to treatment of breakthrough pain in an elderly cancer patient. Dr. Gustavo Illodo Miramontes (Pain Unit, University Hospital Complex of Vigo)
  • 12: 50h – Conclusions and questions.


Roundtable: Management of oncologic onset pain in a Pain Unit and in patients with tumors of the ENT and lung area. Casuistry, efficacy and adherence

“President Dr. María Isabel Vargas Domingo. H. Sant Boi del Llobregat

  • 13:00h Patients with tumors of ENT area and lung. Casuistry, efficacy and adherence. Dr. Juan Luis Martí Ciriquian. H. General U. of Alicante.
  • 13:20h Managing breakthrough pain in a Pain Unit. Dr. José Miguel Esparza. H. de Manises, Valencia.
  • 13:40h. Questions and Answers.
  • 13:55h Conclusions. Dr. Julia Ferreras Zamora. H. Residència Sant Camil, Barcelona


Lunch at the hotel


Round Table: Acute Pain: How Do We Handle It? The vision of the specialists.

Moderator: Dr. Antoni Sabaté Pes. Head of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Service Hospital of Bellvitge. L Hospitalet. Barcelona. Adjunct professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the UB.


  • – What therapeutic news do we have? Dr. José Ignacio Guadalix Torremocha. Medical Specialist in Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Therapy. Coordinator of the Anesthesia Section in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology. Regional University Hospital of Malaga.
  • – Postoperative Approach to Acute Pain in AMC: The Surgeon’s Approach. Dr. José Luís Porrero. Head of General and Digestive Surgery Service. Coordinator of the Surgical Block. University Hospital Santa Cristina. Madrid. Associate Professor at the Universidad Europea de Madrid.
  • – Pain Management in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology: At what point are we? Dr. Francisco Masculé Beneyto. Especialista en Cirugía Ortopédica y Traumatología. Director de la Unidad de Rodilla. Hospital Clinic i Provincial de Barcelona.


Round table: The pharmacist: community educator and member of the multidisciplinary team in the treatment of pain

President: Prof. Javier García Veiga. Community pharmacist. Vice-President and member of Minorca of the Official College of Pharmacists of the Balearic Islands and Professor of the University of the Balearic Islands

  • “Therapeutic pharmacological monitoring in patients with pain”. Dr Bernardino Barceló Martín, Laboratory of pharmacology and clinical toxicology. Clinical analysis services. University Hospital Son Espases. Palma de Mallorca
  • “Intervention of the pharmacist in the prevention and treatment of Herpes Zoster. Post-herpetic pain. “Prof. Juan Carlos Gil Rubio, Dir Business Vaccines, MSD. Professor of the Center for Higher Studies of the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • “Dr Google … tell me something strong” Dr. Marian García García (Boticaria García), community pharmacy in Madrid and professor Isabel I University.


Round table: Update on Neurostimulation and Intrathecal Infusion

President: Dr. Mª Angeles Canos. Pain Unit. Hospital La Fe Valencia. Secretary: Dr. Francisco Gómez Armenta. Head of the Pain Clinic. Hospital San Juan de Dios. Cordova.

  • Results at 24 months of the Nevro high frequency stimulation system. Dr. Mª Angeles Canos.
  •   Update of intrathecal baclofen Dr. Francisco SánchezHospital Univesitario Clinico de Salamanca.
  • Mechanism of action of the stimulation in bursts. Dr. Eva Monzón. Associate Chief. Unit of pain Quirón-Salud Madrid University Hospital


Master lecture: Interventionism in Oncological Pain

Dr. Javier Arranz Duran. Coordinator Pain Unit University. Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Islas Canarias.


Coffee Work at Hotel Pueblo Conference Room


Round Table: Keynote Speakers

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Antonio Montero. Professor University of Lleida and Head of the Surgery Department in the University of Lleida. 

  • “Playing with the genes: from peas to cut-and-paste” Prof. Carlos Goicoechea. Full Professor of Pharmacology. Director. Department of Basic Health Sciences. Faculty of Health Sciences. University Rey Juan Carlos.
  • “Scoring system for Breaktheough Pain” .Prof. Boaz Samolsky Dekel, Scientific Director of No Pain Foundation, Malta
  • “Second Generation Gene Therapy for Painful Peripheral Nerve-sheath Tumors”. Dr. Gary J. Brenner, Ph.D.Director, MGH Pain Medicine Fellowship. Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School. Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care. Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston. USA
  • “Frontiers of in vivo clinical microscopic imaging”. Irene Georgakoudi, PhD; Professor, Biomedical Engineering Dept., Tufts University, Medford MA, USA


Round Table: Tapentadol in the chronification of pain.

  • Moderator: Dr. Rafael Gálvez Mateos. Pain Unit of the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada.
  • – Identifying the signs of central sensitization of chronic pain. Dra. Patricia Alfaro. Pain Unit of the Hospital of Torrejón, Madrid.
  • – Management and treatment of chronic pain due to osteoarthrosis. Dra. Laia López Capdevila. Traumatologist. General Hospital of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.


Round Table: Is the best prognosis a good diagnosis?

Moderator: Dr. Rafael Gálvez. Coordinator of Pain and Palliative Care Unit (Anesthesia Service) Virgen de las Nieves Hospital (Granada)

  • Developing a DNL diagnostic tool. Dr. Carmen Ivars. Faculty Specialist in Anesthesia and Reanimation at Hospital Francisco de Borja, Gandía
  • Periferical Neuropathies: New indications of treatment. Dr. Jose M. Hernandez García. Hospital Vithas Nuestra Sra. de América. Harvard Fellow in Pain Management.


Scientific Session of Defense of Posters by the Authors in the digital screens.


Roundtable: Up-to-date treatment of Lumbar Pain.

President: Dr. Francisco Collado Collado, Hospital Puerta del Mar de Cádiz. Anesthetist specialist pain

  • “Lumbar pain: from analgesia to surgery”. Dr. Pablo Isidro Badia Ferrando. Traumatologist. General University Hospital of Valencia. Unit of rachis.
  • “How to avoid the most frequent errors in the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain”. Dr. Francisco Mira Berenguer. Neurology service. Neuroklink Column Unit. Alicante.


Roundtable: New Technologies in the Investigation and Treatment of Chronic Pain from a Biopsychosocial Perspective

Chair: Prof. Dr. Pedro Montoya. Professor of Biological Psychology at the University of the Balearic Islands, Palma.

• Psychological aspects of pediatric pain. Dr. Miguel Angel Muñoz García, University of Granada. 

• Cerebral blood flow dynamics and pain. Dr. Beatriz Rey Solaz, Polytechnic University of Valencia.

• Affective modulation of brain activity in chronic pain. Dr. Pedro Montoya, University of the Balearic Islands, Palma.


Lunch at the Hotel


Roundtable: Lex Artis in the multidisciplinary treatment of Pain.

Prof. Dr. Alfonso Vidal Marcos. Member of EMNIPRE-EIU (European Multidisciplinary Network in Pain, Research and Education). Head of the Southern Hospital Pain Unit. Professor of Anesthesiology. Faculty of Dentistry. Complutense University of Madrid. Secretary: Prof. Dr. Xavier Vilà Justribó. Clinical Cap of the University Hospital Arnau Vilanova de Lleida. Professor of Medicine at the University of Lleida. Member of EMNIPRE-EIU (European Multidisciplinary Network in Pain, Research and Education).


  • “TON bipolar radiofrequency in the treatment of cervicogenic headache” Dr. Marcello Meli. Clinica Aliviam. Mallorca. Dr. Miguel Tejero. Anestesiólogo. Especialista en tratamiento del dolor. Aliviam-Clínica del dolor de Mallorca.
  • “Immunology and pain” Prof. Ignacio Lizasoain Hernández. Vice Chancellor of Scientific Policy, Research and Doctorate. Professor of Pharmacology. Complutense University of Madrid. Madrid Spain


Round Table: Past, Present and Future of Pain Treatment in the Private Sector.

President: José M. Hernández García. Hospital Vithas Nuestra Sta. de America.. Harvard Fellow in Pain Management. Secretary:. Dr. José Luis de Córdoba. Responsible for the Pain Units of the Sant Honorat Clinic, Barcelona, ​​and the Hospital de Mollet. Barcelona


  • “Multidisciplinary Approach to Chronic Pain in the Private Sphere. Chimera or Reality “. Dr. María Luisa Franco. Praxis Bilbao Clinic. University Hospital of Cruces. Euskadi.
  • “Global Private Health Opportunities.” Dr. Enrique Lizaso Olmos, M.D., Ph.D., B.Math, B.S.C.E., M.B.A. Founder and CEO of OmnixHealth, (Company dedicated to the recruitment of Global Private Patients)
  • EHealth as a future in chronic patient follow-up, digital consultations to assist patients anywhere in the world.Prof. D. Fernando LLorca del Barrio .Degree in Law University of Oviedo, Master in Business Management, Expert in creating and developing marketing channels both online and offline mainly in the telecommunications sector, where he holds management positions. Expert in digital transformation of companies and institutions in various sectors. Expert in strategic marketing.



General Assembly of the Balearic Society of Pain

Agenda “Election of new Board”